Did you know  your heart, not your brain, is “control central” of body, mind and spirit?

Are you aware  your heart is the source of intuition and the sacred feminine principle of magnetic attraction?

Can you imagine the world that is possible if we consciously connect with our heart field, allowing us to live from our true self, with others, and with Source in a deeper way?

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Join us Tuesday, September 12th as Christine Bair, author of The Heart Field, shares practical tools and ways to deal with the chaos and confusion surrounding us.  She will be explaining how expanding our awareness to the level of our heart field allows us to participate consciously in humanity’s evolutionary journey shifting us from fear to love and compassion.  Christine believes the development of emotional intelligence is the key. This intelligence, qualitatively different than our mental intellect, is not accessible through our brains.  Spend an evening exploring the higher and deeper seat of consciousness of the intuitive feminine heart, and learn how both science and spiritual traditions combine to validate this evolutionary shift we are currently experiencing. 

 Meet Christine Bair

Author, spiritual teacher, and meta physician Christine Bair, PhD, has become a leader in the emerging field of Holistic Health. As one of only a handful of experts in the human biofield, her research established the Heart Field as the unifying factor of all the different holistic practices. She created the Heart Centered Wellness model integrating body, mind, and spirit dimensions in whole person health, and teaches both locally and on the faculty of Holos University. She has a particular interest in empowering women to become their True Selves and lead the evolution of humanity and to create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

September 2017 Women of Intention

Emotional Intelligence,

the Sacred Feminine

and Our Heart Field  

An evening with Christine Bair, Phd

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
RSVP by September, 10th, 2017

All Women Invited to attend!

Passage to India, Indian Buffet Items
Alternate Meal if requested in advance
525 S. Front Street, Harrisburg, PA
(Next door to the Comfort Inn) 

Program and Dinner $ 35.00

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